Yitong is a product designer who wields pixels and code to help people see and interact with complex systems.


Design and prototyping

  • IDE explorations

  • Lesson picker

  • Website draft

  • Visual polish

  • Final prototype

Oct '16


Grasshopper is a code learning app for everyone. Our studio worked with the team for 11 months to design a complete mobile coding environment from the ground up. The project is currently in beta.


Design, code and sales

  • Fiction platform

  • Marketing for writers

  • Discovered MTurk

  • Outsourcing slackbot

  • Build worker network

  • Work delegation app

May '14

Nov '15

Hemingly was a startup I co-founded to help companies get their paperwork done quickly and cheaply. We built a hiring, training and distribution system to manage a global workforce.

How Fresh

Design and code

  • First version

  • Current version

Mar '16


How Fresh is a catalogue of seasonal vegetables in Northern California, built for your viewing and eating pleasure.

Good Web Design

Design, code and marketing

  • Design v1

  • Build v1

  • Design refresh

Apr '16


Goodweb.design curates, tags and sorts well-designed landing pages. Our aim is to help designers, marketers, and product builders of all stripes learn from best web design practices.



  • Porfolio advice

  • Learning to code

  • Visual style

  • Job applications

  • Working with dev

Sep '16


I sometimes get emails from designers looking for career advice. This is a Medium collection of my email responses.