Site redesign update

Apr 21

It’s been… uh nine months since the last update on this site’s open redesign. Progress is slow, but working this way has been dangerously fun.

Some interesting tensions

Apr 21

This is a grab bag of tensions I wrestle with. They’re starting to take up too much space in my head, so I’m writing them down.

A Short note on grace

Feb 21

In different period of my life, I paid attention to different kinds of character traits. These days, it’s grace. But hadn’t always been.

Experts should curate

Aug 20

You ever want to learn something, and just get totally overwhelmed by the near infinite number of guides out there?

Being negatively-driven

Aug 20

For as long as I remember, I’ve derived much of my force of will from negativity: feeling not smart enough, watching my peers be more successful, not having gone to a famous college

Redesigning my site in the open

Jul 20

I haven’t updated my personal website since late 2017 – probably the longest period ever between two redesigns. It’s held up well for over 4 years, but it’s time for a refresh.

The structure of progress in craft

Jun 20

There’s a lot of research on the structure of progress in science (Kuhn, Popper, Deutsch, etc.) but what about the progress of professional craft?

Design tools and design jobs

Feb 20

Over the last 2 decades, we went from photoshop to sketch to figma, but these are all fundamentally tools for drawing boxes. Where is the Engelbart-esque software for designers?

Bridgewater culture

Jan 20

Every org should try to be more like Bridgewater if they can pull it off.